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When Greek-American author Patty Apostolides moved to Maryland with her husband Tony five years ago, little did she know that she would be writing a novel a few years later. Although writing isn’t new to her (she’s a published poet and has co-authored several scientific articles), she never could find the time to write the novel that she’d always wanted to write. When she became a stay-at-home mother, the opportunity to write her novel presented itself.

LIPSI’S DAUGHTER is a Cinderella-type story that begins on a Greek island where Ipatia, an orphaned girl, lives with her grandfather. Intelligent beautiful Ipatia is bent on pursuing a college education rather than getting married. She makes plans to attend the university in Piraeus and to live there with her aunt. The day before her trip she literally falls into the arms of Tony Plakis, a rich ship-owner’s son, who saves her from a snake in the tree. In her hasty departure from the young man’s arms, she drops behind an English novel she was reading. Tony discovers the book and this causes a sequence of events that draw the couple even closer. However, complications accost them every step of the way. Tony’s best friend, Doctor Michael, falls for Ipatia, and Tony’s own father wants him to marry an heiress. To make matters worse, an accident separates the couple. Ipatia leaves for America, wanting nothing to do with Tony. Will Tony’s love overcome these obstacles? Will Ipatia’s love be strong enough to accept him back into her life?

“Lipsi’s Daughter brings forth a fresh voice in an age-old world. The Greek characters spring to life with their hopes, dreams, and fears. Filled with important family values, educational ideals, and an underlying spiritual foundation, this story is sure to please young and old alike.”

Constantine Papadakis, Ph.D., President, Drexel University

“This sweet romance, which follows a young Greek woman’s journey from a Greek island to mainland Greece to America, was a delight to read, with plenty of action and suspense. The Greek culture and its intricate variations are cleverly woven into the novel’s tapestry of human relations.” -Marilyn Rouvelas, author of the bestseller A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America

LIPSI’S DAUGHTER is to be released January 2004. It is available on To read more about LIPSI’S DAUGHTER and Greece, visit the author’s website at You can also email the author:

     LIPSI’S DAUGHTER by Patty Apostolides

    296 pages, 5 ½ x 8 ½ trade paperback

             ISBN: 1-932673-00-8

            JoNa Books, Bedford, IN


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