VinAccess, VinoVisit and eWinery Solutions Launch Seamless Direct-to-Consumer Platform in France and Italy

Napa, CA (PRWEB) July 8, 2010

VinAccess, eWinery Solutions and VinoVisit, Inc. have joined forces to provide French and Italian wineries with an integrated platform that supports vinotourism and wine sales to American consumers. Soon, U.S. wine lovers travelling to wine country in France and Italy will be able to book their reservations for tours and tastings online via

Once at the winery, eWinery Solutions’ point-of-sale technology captures valuable customer data, and notifies partner VinAccess that a purchase of wine has been made. Stateside, VinAccess, ships participating French and Italian wineries’ stock to their U.S. customers.


VinAccess currently has client wineries in South Africa, Chile and France, all of whom appreciate being able to sell their wines at full retail price rather than the winery export prices.

“Millions of Americans visit Italian and French wineries each year.” says VinAccess International Managing Director Barry Gilbert. “And until recently, it was impossible to bring back more than a couple bottles of wine tucked into their luggage. If they wanted to buy a case and have it shipped to their home, they could expect to pay as much as $ 250 per case, making that purchase cost prohibitive.”

With the advent of VinAccess, consumers can purchase cases of their favorite French and Italian wines at the wineries, and have them shipped in a temperature-controlled manner from a California-based facility right to their homes for a reasonable price.

VinoVisit’s expansion into the French and Italian wineries promises to deliver even more Americans to their tasting rooms. More visitors translate into more customer contact data and additional wine sales.


“Currently, it’s very difficult for folks from the US to plan a self-directed trip through French and Italian wine country. The sites that are in English don’t provide much information about individual wineries—rather they promote pre-packaged wine tours that visit just a few of the many tasting rooms in France and Italy. With VinoVisit’s powerful winery search engine and robust winery profiles, consumers will be able to plan trips to wine country like the locals do, even if they don’t read French or Italian.” says Bob Iannetta, EVP of Sales for VinoVisit.

American wine lovers who travel to France and Italy in order to sample the local wines can now capture that experience and bring it home with them. VinAccess enables them to legally order and have cases of wine shipped right to their doorstep, confident that the quality of the wine won’t be marred by poor shipping conditions.

ABOUT VINOVISIT is the first and leading site to offer consumers the flexibility to book real-time winery reservations, and boasts an exclusive multi-day itinerary-building tool, and turn-by-turn directions. The robust winery profiles include photos, video, maps and visitor reviews providing the visitor with an in-depth look at the winery experience., the only winery search engine free to consumers, provides an easy way for visitors to search, then select and book tours and tasting events by time of day, date, location, varietal, and dozens of other attributes.

The VinoVisit Visitor Relationship ManagementTM system is the first reservation solution developed specifically for wineries. The system manages valuable visitor contact information, aggregates marketing and sales data, offers CRM tools and automates and simplifies the reservation process.

VinoVisit has established co-marketing partnerships with key websites that focus on planning visits to wine country. The VinoVisit Marketing Network™ garners between 3 and 4 million visits each year, raising the online visibility of VinoVisit wineries. Affiliate partners include Wine Country This Week, Wine Country Getaways, WinoTripping, GoVine, Sonoma, The Napa Wine Project, and many more.

In March 2010, VinoVisit launched the Facebook application, “Book a VinoVisit” which enables wineries to accept reservations directly from their Facebook page.


VinAccess is the leading provider of turnkey direct-to-consumer wine ecommerce and fulfillment services assisting wineries, importers, and retailers around the world. VinAccess provides wineries with the following tools:

    State of the art multi-currency website designed to manage US sales and retain customer data.
    Storage in temperature-controlled warehouses in California.
    Fully-compliant labels for US Federal and State Alcohol Regulatory Agencies
    Dedicated fulfillment to legally ship to individuals in the US.
    Sophisticated database system and sales tracking tools to provide meaningful information to the wine marketing management.
    Comprehensive tools for managing tools for managing email lists and promotions.
    PC kiosk to facilitate tourist order placement at the winery.
    Credit card processing service.
    Website management including content and financial reporting.


eWinery Solutions is the market leader in ecommerce software dedicated exclusively to the wine industry. Founded in 2003, the company now serves more than 300 clients in the U.S. and major wine producing regions of the world utilizing the company’s proprietary technology. Their offerings include ecommerce, wine club, allocations, call-center, customer relationship management (CRM), innovative web content management, social media, and internet marketing solutions, enabling their clients to achieve greater flexibility and control throughout all aspects of their online programs.

Note to editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on VinoVisit, please visit For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Angie Feehan at 510-842-3554.


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