Shark Euro Pro Steam Cleaner Review

The Shark Euro Pro Steam Cleaner is one of the newer and most exciting products in the Euro-Pro lineup. It cleans almost any type of floors and is under 7 pounds.

It has a powerful 1500 watt steam system. The steam is heated in just 30 seconds. And, you can clean a 10.5 inch swath in one swoop.

Simply using steam, you can both clean and sanitize flooring surfaces. You will notice this whether your floor has the crumbs and juice stains associated with toddlers or the muddy footprints associated with dogs.

The steam is so effective that you can clean an entire room of tile in a matter of a few minutes. It’s much quicker than the traditional mop and bucket method.

Shark Euro Pro Steam Cleaner is lightweight. It doesn’t leave behind streaks or a residue either.

It also works on carpets. The carpet attachment, allows the steam mop to glide over thick pile loosening soil particles. It didn’t dowse the carpets either – they were dry to the touch within several minutes.

The Shark Euro Pro Steam Cleaner uses a thick microfiber pad which is secured to the bottom of the mop using a simple hook and eye method. Two pads come with the package. They are machine washable. The company recommends that you don’t wash them with anything else so that they don’t pick up any fibers. The pads on the Shark Steam mop stay put better than those on comparable models.

To generate the steam, push a button on the handle of the mop. This creates a steam release and wets the bottom of the pad.

The mop’s tank holds 8 ounces of water. Distilled water is best but tap will work in a pinch. This is enough to clean a large room. It also features a 20 foot cord so you can do adjacent rooms without unplugging the cord.

Like most steamers, this product requires no harsh chemicals. That’s good if you have children, pets, or just are sensitive to toxins. It’s also good for the environment.

I recommend the Shark Euro Pro Steam Cleaner to anyone who wants clean floors.

You can get the Shark Euro Pro Steam Cleaner from the comfort of your home at Amazon. There are no shipping and handling charges and you should get it in 2 days.

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