Sailing on More than a Grecian Wind, Travel-Greece is a One-Stop Resource

Astoria, NY (PRWEB) October 5, 2005

Throw all your travel inhibitions into a Grecian wind! As a one-stop information source for everything that is Grecian, Travel Greece is the only Web site you’ll need for all your travel inquiries, wants and desires.

If you need help planning the perfect Greece getaway, Travel Greece can provide the best ideas for locations and things to see, which is as easy as the click of the mouse when you visit its Web site at

With a wide plethora of travel information about some of the most interesting, unique and historical cities in all of Greece, such as Athens, Kefalonia, Kos, Lefkada and Naxos, let Travel Greece be your guide. Through its website,, the agency allows users an opportunity to gather all of Greece’s travel details in one stop, rather than piecing bits of research together from different Web sites; and, therefore, Travel Greece can save you valuable time, energy and effort, all of which would be better served for seeing the many sites of Greece. Planning a vacation should be as relaxing as the vacation itself, so let Travel Greece do all the work for you.

And Travel Greece goes above and beyond what the normal travel site does. Not only will Travel Greece show you how to arrive at the destination of your choice, but it will also give you tips, ideas, and resources on what to see and do while you’re there. Let Travel Greece help you plan ahead. While it will depend on your own preferences, Travel Greece will give you the resource tools and knowledge to pick your perfect tour or cruise, vacation package, or flight. We are everything-Greece at your fingertips.

The Web site features helpful information for each city listed, and the ancient (and modern) city of Athens is the first place you’ll want to visit. While many travel Web sites will only focus on a few, minimal ideas on what to do and where to go, Travel Greece allows users a glimpse into everything to see and do within the city. Whether traveling economically or traveling in the lap of luxury, Travel Greece will steer visitors in the right direction for the right hotels to stay in, and gorgeous ones to boot. The site also features information about the different restaurants that Athens is home to, all of which are a little bit of Athens in a mouthful!

Stuffed yet? Travel Greece didn’t think so, which is why the staff here at Travel Greece has included information about the historical sites and places there are to see and do in and around Greece. If, after gazing up at the Acropolis, or the “Sacred Hill,” and the Parthenon, where more amazing history was made, and setting foot in the same place that Socrates may have given his many speeches, you still feel a bit bedazzled, it’s OK!

Even though you may be in awe, Travel Greece will surprise you again with its knowledge of Athens nightlife, including the lively bar scene, dance clubs, and even musical theatre and other musical productions.

And that’s just Athens.

The staff at Travel Greece has even more up its sleeve, especially when it provides information about the naturally beautiful island of Crete, right off the coast of Greece. The island, “full of fun, warmth hospitality and vitality” is a dream come true for nature lovers. Particularly appealing, Travel Greece notes, is Mount Ida as well as the West Crete gorges. As one of the largest Mediterranean attractions to European visitors for its fantastically beautiful Grecian beaches, Travel Greece recommends this ideal, luscious island whole-heartedly, and offers many more ideas of things to do here, including staying at one of Crete’s many luxurious, island resorts, such as Ammoudara, Malia, Chora Sfakion, or Aghios Nikolaos.

Does that seem like too many cities to see all in one trip? Travel Greece has a wonderful solution—why not try a cruise? A Grecian cruise is as beautiful and as relaxing as you’ve heard, and Travel Greece believes that this is one of the only ways to see and truly feel the Mediterranean Sea, with the crisp sea air whisking along your cheeks. It also gives travelers an affordable (and less time-consuming) way of ‘seeing it all’ in a fairly short amount of time.

And Greece travel doesn’t stop there. Travel Greece explores other cities for you as well, including Kefalonia, Kos, Lefkada and Naxos, informing and delighting you with information about each city’s hotels, the wonderful world of shopping, valuable advice about calling home, mailing letters and post cards, banking information, and most importantly, knowing how medical insurance and other medical-related issues are handled. While these are issues that other travel agencies and Web sites gloss over, Travel Greece realizes how much of a necessity these things are to know, especially when in a foreign country. Travel Greece takes care of everything by giving you the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions on your own.

For further information, or to inquire about travel arrangements, contact Travel Greece by e-mail at the link to the right of this release, or visit its website at


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