Retail management and hospital management

Retail Management
With the increase in supply and trade, not only in metropolitan cities but other cities as well, retail management as a career is booming. Be it shopping complexes, malls, etc. trade is booming and so is the retail industry. The work of a retail manager is to transfer products from the manufacturers to the consumers, which involves short and convenient channels of transporters. One needs to develop the goodwill of the customer and gain their support. This helps a retailer to grow individually and even professionally. Therefore there is demand for individuals who can manage the ethics of this business loyally. Various degrees are involved: MBA (Retail management), Post graduate diploma programmes in retail management (PGPRM) and Diploma in retail management (DRM).

There is ample amount of job opportunities in India for retail students as India is amongst the top ten markets for retail industry. There are limitless supply chains of export houses and departmental stores which offer jobs for the students with handsome pays. Banking, finance and insurance companies also need retail managers to bring their products to the consumers. Even health industry and telecommunication industry also requires retailers. Some colleges offering a course in retail management are: institute of chartered financial analysis in India, IMT distance and open learning institutes, symbiosis centre for distance learning and many more

Hospital Management
Hospital management as a career is growing at a fast pace. It provides ample amount of job opportunities. Earlier a senior doctor used to manage the affairs of the hospital and therefore there wasn’t any such term as *hospital management* but since every field requires specialist, this term has come into picture. There are various jobs to be done at a hospital, a doctor or a nurse or a receptionist cannot manage everything. One needs to focus on hospitality which is important in every field. Therefore, there is demand for individuals who can manage all the affairs with precision and smoothness. There are various job opportunities for hospital managers, like working in hospitals, clinics, and even non health department like finance.

Hotel management and retail management are flourishing careers. Every year many students apply for this job. One needs to have good communication skills, career in hospitality and leadership qualities to manage the business with efficiency.

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