Panagia Parigoritissa, Arta

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Panagia Parigoritissa, Arta

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(Church of the Virgin of Consolation)
Commissioned by Michael II Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus (1231-1267); finished by his son Nikephoros I, by 1296. The latter traveled in Italy, which fact perhaps explains some of the church’s ‘Italianate’ features.

Arta, Epirus, Greece
(Church on Ministry of Culture; Wikipedia; Despotate of Epirus on Wikipedia)
(Ancient Ambracia/Αμβρακία: Pleiades; attalus .org; Ministry of Culture; Wikipedia)
(Archaeological Museum of Arta: Official site; Ministry of Culture; Wikipedia)

Señora Sabasa Garcia, Portrait by Francisco de Goya, 1811

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Goya was one of Spain’s greatest painters and an internationally influential printmaker during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, after training in Saragossa and traveling in Italy, married the daughter of the Spanish court artist. The next year, 1774, Goya received his first royal commission—painting decorative scenes of daily life to be woven into tapestries. In 1799 he was appointed first court painter, the highest artistic position attainable.

Goya’s earliest portraits reflect the airy landscape settings and shimmering pastel colors of his tapestry designs. As he matured, and particularly after he lost his hearing due to a serious illness in 1792, Goya increasingly sought psychological characterizations of his sitters, often spotlighting them against dark, shadowed backgrounds.

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