Palaiologan Eagle

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Palaiologan Eagle

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Panagia Parigoritissa (Church of the Virgin of Consolation)
Commissioned by Michael II Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus (1231-1267); finished by his son Nikephoros I, by 1296. The latter traveled in Italy, which fact perhaps explains some of the church’s ‘Italianate’ features.

Arta, Epirus, Greece
(Church on Ministry of Culture; Wikipedia; Despotate of Epirus on Wikipedia)
(Ancient Ambracia/Αμβρακία: Pleiades; attalus .org; Ministry of Culture; Wikipedia)
(Archaeological Museum of Arta: Official site; Ministry of Culture; Wikipedia)

Image from page 431 of “The essential facts of Oklahoma history and civics” (1914)

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Identifier: essentialfactsof00robe
Title: The essential facts of Oklahoma history and civics
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Roberts, Charles Henry, 1861-
Publisher: Chicago, New York [etc.] B. H. Sanborn & Co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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appearance of yourhome, so the ancient citizen carried with him thepicture of his city wherever he went. Thesecities were governed by the citizens in public meet-ings. They would not acknowledge any politicalsuperior. Italian Cities. — Should we travel in Italy to-day, we should see many cities which remind usof these ancient cities, and which, in fact, are inmany respects like them. Each Italian city —Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples — has itsown character, different from that of any other.The style of its buildings, the appearance of itsinhabitants, show these differences. These citiesare proud of the fine and dignified appearance oftheir public buildings, their squares and streets.We shall see, by thinking of these matters, thatthe cities have been the places where in the pastour civilization has developed and has had its THE CITY bb centers. It is there that freedom was born be-cause, under the protection of the city waUs, thecitizens felt a sense of freedom and equahty

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Venice which the unprotected man in the country couldnot feel. American Cities. — Our American cities are notso picturesque nor do they have as much indi-vidual character as have these older cities of whichwe have spoken, but they, too, are more thanmere crowds of people. It is remarkable howfast our cities have grown. In the year 1800 156 CIVIL GOVERNMENT tliere was not one city in America which hadone hundred thousand inhabitants. At that timeour population hved in country districts; andwas occupied largely in farming, but during thelast century great manufactures were built upand the business of the country was centered ina number of large cities. Factory operatives,laborers, domestic servants, merchants, teachers,men of capital, came to live in larger and largernumbers in the cities, so that to-day one thirdof our population is found in cities of over tenthousand inhabitants. Cosmopolitan Cities. — Our American cities arealso notable because of the many people offoreign birth

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