Newly Launched, Re-Imagines Language Study With Ingenious Program

Coral Gables, Florida (PRWEB) June 01, 2011

Dr. Thérèse Piguet (a Certified Online Professor) has just opened a new language school online, after 26 years of experience and research. combines the advantages of the traditional face to face teaching with all the modern attributes from today’s most advanced online technology. The innovative and unique method is the answer for those who have tried, without success, the free and/or misleading advertised programs on the internet. injects many innovating tools and concepts in its online language teaching.

A.    During the Skype session, the teacher shares her/his screen, showing illustrated didactic documents, created to motivate the student to speak and interact.

B.    All lessons as well as assignments are personalized according to the student’s subjects of interests and hobbies.

C.    Another quite new concept is the introduction of mnemonic techniques.

D.    Students benefit from a complete language laboratory, with listening comprehension and recording activities.

Everybody agrees that the best way to learn a language is to live in the target country, attend a language school, and mingle with the natives. Interaction, spontaneous speech, personal instruction and permanent attention from an expert professor are the keys to success. No software can offer this kind of instruction. With E French Learning, there is no need to travel to France. You can finally achieve the same results from your home or office, with the program Dr. Piguet has created online. A while back, Dr. Piguet taught French to Honeywell engineers who, after a few months, managed to speak fairly accent less and communicate confidently with their colleagues in France. Her Advanced Placement learners used to reach the highest scores in the US, according to the College Board statistics. A few of them have now jobs in Paris and live in France permanently. These successful people are American born from American parents without French background. Along her career, many of Dr. Piguet’s colleagues have said quite often: “She just knows certain things we don’t” She certainly does and now, she has put it all together for her online school:

How does it work?

During the online lesson: Using Skype (free audio-video software) as the major platform, the teacher is able to share and show his/her screen with the students. This acts as a captivating blackboard. Slides change as the lesson progresses, and the teacher writes comments and information during the session. Students just love it and stay captivated and focused for the whole time. Skype provides a pure and clear sound which is a must for language learning. Students can concentrate on what they see on screen, such as pictures and drawings that motivate them to speak. In other words, the lesson looks and sounds like a private lesson on a one on one basis with teacher and student in the same room.

Between lessons: After a Skype session, the student is able to retrieve from a personal home page all support material such as a pronunciation video and/or a grammar video as well as writing assignments. Homework comes as a PDF file with fields ready to fill. The student sends it back for feedback and corrections. All this happens electronically.

Unique characteristics:

A student at E French Learning is not an isolated learner online. There is an ongoing communication between teacher and student. From the personal homepage, the student has access to video

presentations on French pronunciation, French grammar and vocabulary. From the first day, he/

she learns about the French sound system, and the correspondence between sounds and letters.

This last aspect of the program is crucial to rapid progress in French learning. is a leading provider of online French instruction from the beginning to

superior level, using an innovative method with a completely personalized approach. The teachers are dedicated professors with a proven track of success. Unique characteristics are: One on one private lessons with Skype – Personal homepage on EFL site for assignments, video presentations on French pronunciation, French grammar and vocabulary – Optional use of a virtual textbook with additional listening comprehension, speaking, recording exercises – Constant availability of the teachers between lessons for help or advice – Tutoring at all levels – IB and AP French exam preparation – French literature lessons for advanced French speakers.

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