Most remarkable celebrity divorces

Celebrities always draw the media attention for their fame in profession, appearance, and mostly in private life. Deciding to divorce means that their property will be divided. That’s the reason why lots of famous couples do not want to reveal their divorce to the mass media and try to conceal their marriage relationship. Here are most remarkable celebrity divorces.



Michael Jordan and his wife Juanita divorced after 17 years of marriage



Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey: 26-year marriage. Their amount of settlement : $ 150 million



Heather Mills and The Beatle Paul McCartney divorced after 4 years. Heather was paid $ 49 million for marriage damages.



Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey ended their 2-year marriage. Orianne received $ 38 million.




Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker end their happy couple life in 1998. Diandra received about $ 45 million.



Italian Prime minister and Veronica Lario. Huge possession of $ 6.5 billion will be divided into two.



Divorce of “GodFather” of Las Vegas and Elaine becomes the most expensive divorce among celebrities.







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