Lose Weight Like a Celebrity Mom

If you’re like most moms you have often looked at the cover of a magazine and wondered just how those celebrity moms get so skinny. Within weeks they are on the red carpet again, glamming it up. You never see them sweating or carrying around a few extra pounds, do you? So you’re probably wondering, can the average mommy achieve Hollywood celebrity diets results? The good news, is yes, you can. For instance, Jessica Alba, who gave birth and was then back in skin tight clothes for movie roles, followed this simple plan:

Portion Control – Stars don’t go to all you can eat buffets, nor do they finish everything on their plates. Rather they focus on eating smaller portions of the food they do like. After all, in Hollywood, someone is always doing lunch or dinner. To not eat out could damage a career. To be like a slim celebrity mom, try this trick – as soon as you get your meal from a restaurant envision it into halves or thirds. Then divide it into those sections and just eat one. Push the other sections off to the side of the plate and take it home later. Eat slowly and take a break while eating. Take the rest of the meal home. Most restaurant portions are humongous and count for more than one meal. Don’t be fooled into a being a member of the clean plate club.

Eat lean protein and lots of veggies – Stars eat lean protein like chicken and fish with lots of healthy veggies on the side. They stay away from refined carbohydrates like white bread and pasta. If you do want some carbs, go for the whole wheat variety. Not only are they better for you, the greater fiber content will help you fill fuller on less.

Exercise – Yes, it’s true, celebrity mommies are different than we are. They seem to have all the time and money to exercise, something a busy mom trying to lose weight has a hard time doing. But just about any mom or woman can fit more exercise into her daily life. To lose a pound of fat, you need to burn approximately 3500 calories over and above what you normally burn in your daily routine.

While that sounds like a lot, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be done all at once. A brisk walk of about 10 minutes burns a hundred calories, while 10 minutes of yoga burns 50. You get the idea. Truth is, if you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. The easiest way to this is to eat less AND exercise. Guidelines suggest that 250 minutes per week of exercise, which is about 50 minutes over 5 days, or 35 over 7 days. How can you go about getting 50 or even 35 minutes of exercise a day?

Don’t worry about doing it all in one chunk. You can break it up into 3 or more sessions throughout the day. Think in terms of a 20 minute walk around the parking lot during lunch or a brisk walk with the stroller in the park. Go for a bike ride with the kids (you can even run while they ride). Play tag with the kids. Squeeze in a yoga break in the morning. Go stair climbing (your own) while the kids are napping. Just be creative about what counts as exercise and you’ll find yourself sweating off the pounds in no time.

Cut the Junk – Celebrity moms have their favorite foods like the rest of that. They enjoy them in moderation and of course, they find ways throughout the day to cut calories on “empty” foods so they can “spend” them on foods they enjoy. Cut out sugary drinks like sodas, juices and lemonades and switch to water. Switch out the latte and enjoy an herbal tea. Go for the mini-bagel at the store instead of the big one.

Dress your best – Ok, so this isn’t really a diet trick, but a lot of celebrity moms swear by form-fitting and shaping lingerie to help smooth out any bumps. Old-fashioned things like slips, camisoles and other under-layers also help shape and smooth out the body underneath and even encourage you to stand up straighter – which alone will help you look slimmer.

So if you’re not a celebrity mommy, but want to look like one, don’t despair. By borrowing a few of their simple tricks, you can too can look like a hot celebrity mom.

Andrea Stein is the founder of SkinnyMomDietTips.com, a resource for moms who want to healthfully lose weight and enjoy a slim and active lifestyle. Get a your free guide on How to Be A Skinny Mom today.

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