Is Astrology Real?

I’m a skeptical person, the type that really only believe in things that I can see. I believe in God, and that is about it. Ghosts, UFOs, Lock Ness monster, the 2012 prophecy, Atlantis… in my mind they are all about as real as Santa Claus.

That’s why it pains me to admit, but I just can’t deny astrology. I’m a Capricorn like you are, and whenever I read about my sign, the attributes fit me so well that it is hard to turn a blind eye. Not only do they fit me, but they DON’T fit other people I know who are not Capricorns, which debunks the whole “they just say things that are universal and anyone will relate to so it seems real”.

For example, in just about every Capricorn description we are labeled as “unemotional” or being detached from emotion in some way. That trait definitely can not apply to everyone, but surely does apply to me. The same can be said for almost all of the known staples of Capricorn.

I really didn’t want to believe in astrology, but after self-analyzing myself and careful analyzing of others I know well to see if they match their signs too, I just can’t turn my back on the evidence. Too much of it matches up and fits for astrology to not be real in some form.

However, being the Capricorn that I am, I don’t believe that astrology is anything magical or supernatural at all. I believe that it is a scientific process and one day that fact will be proven. My own personal theory is that when people are growing in the womb at different times of the year, and their brain is developing, external factors like that magnetic field of the Earth and intensity of the sun (maybe even the gravity of our neighboring planets as they get closer/further from us) may affect the manner in which the molecules develop in the brain. This would explain why people who are born around the same time of year have similar attributes… it’s all just a matter of us having a little more or a little less of certain chemicals in our brains, because we developed them at a certain time of the year.

That theory is a long shot and I have no proof at all, but it makes way more sense to me than just saying astrology is some sort of magical phenomenon.


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