Cooked Playdough Recipe

A Nice And Easy Cooked Playdough Recipe

When a child plays with playdough they are practicing and developing so many important skills that this simple putty is one of the best educational games your kid can use. Almost as fun and educational is actually making the playdough with your kids. Here is a good cooked playdough recipe that your child can at least help with.

Of course before you begin, your child should not get involved with any of the cooking part, but they can certainly have fun choosing the color and flavour and getting stuck into the mixing. You can find good uncooked playdough recipes about but the resulting material tends to be tougher and longer-lasting when it has been cooked a little.

The Ingredients

For this cooked playdough recipe you will need some water (500 ml), flour (500 ml), two table spoons of salt, a table spoon of oil (vegetable or olive will do nicely), two table spoons of cream tartar and any food coloring and flavoring you like. You want to make sure the flavoring and coloring match nicely, just for added effect.

The actual making process couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, mix all the ingredients up together in a big bowl until you have a smooth and regular mixture. Then it into a pot and heat gently for about 4 minutes, stirring all the while, as you watch it become a big sticky ball. At this point you want to take it out and roll it on a floured chopping board, adding more and more flour until it has reached the texture and consistency of bread-dough.  And that is it!

You are all ready now to have all sorts of fun with your kids. You can play alphabet games, number games – making the letters and numbers with the playdough. You can make colored balls and play pass. Or you can simply let your child’s imagination run wild. This is really the best thing to do, as creative sculpture-making is a wonderful skill for any child to develop. It trains their hand-eye coordination and their small dextrous motor skills – the kind of skills which you use for typing or playing an instrument in later life.

And of course the value of creating your own playdough before you build things with it is also great for any child. If you want an uncooked playdough recipe, just so your child can complete the entire process by themselves, without the danger of a hot stove, then here is a good recipe:

Get together a cup of water, three cups of flour, one tablespoon of salt, and two teaspoons of corn starch. You’ll also want some food coloring, flavoring and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. To make it mix up the non-dry ingredients first – everything but the flour and corn starch. Then you can mix and add the flour and corn starch until the mixture reaches just the right consistency of great playdough.

You can always add peanut butter, kool-aid or experiment with other things to either of the above playdough recipe. Have some fun with it, get creative!


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