Charting Your Success

Goals are the steering wheel of your life. How would you feel driving down the road in your car with no steering wheel? Not too comfortable, right? This example is a perfect description of the lives of most of us live our lives…out of control.

We simply run around with no direction bumping into things as we go along. Most of us “bump” into our spouses, “bump” into our careers and “bump” into other major life commitments with no plan of what we want or how to get it. How do you suppose it makes one feel to perceive that life is just a series of circumstances that happens to you beyond your control? Negatively.

We’ve all heard when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And the reason we’ve heard it so much is because it’s true! Take control of what happens to you by performing the following exercise.

Goal Setting Exercise

1. Write down a three month production goal for yourself.
Example: Number of phone calls, number of proposals, number of appointments set, number of new clients or total sales volume over the next three months. Keep in mind that when you set a goal it should be realistic and challenging. When you set a goal you should always have a 50% probability of attainment of that goal in your own mind. Why? Well, is it important that your goal personally be believable to you on some level? Absolutely. Is it also important that your goal be far enough away so you have to stretch and reach to attain it? If you have a 50% probability of attainment of the goal in your mind it means your goal is far enough, yet not too far.
Doesn’t that make sense?

2. Write down a 12 month income goal for yourself.
Example: $ 100,000. In other words, write down how much money you’d like to make over the next 12 months. Remember the strategy here is realistic and challenging.

3. Write down a reward for reaching your three month production goal.
Example: Buying a new suit, purse, shoes or going on vacation to golf, fish, hunt or ski.

4. Write down a reward for hitting your 12 month income goal.
Example: Purchasing a home or a vehicle, take a cruise.

The importance of this goal setting exercise is that top producers oftentimes link rewards to their goals. You see, every living creature at every waking moment is either moving towards pleasure or away from what? What’s the opposite of pleasure? Pain. And you can use this principle to motivate yourself.

What do most of us do when we have a bad week in sales? You want to go out for drinks or dinner to take away the what? Pain. When you have a bad month you want to go on vacation to take away the pain. Although it seems like the best thing for you at the time, you’re simply sabotaging yourself.

How? When you reward a negative result, you’re actually reinforcing the negative behavior you don’t want to repeat. What you’re really doing is telling yourself it’s good to fail by rewarding yourself for activities you don’t want to repeat.

Ideally, what you’d do is to set a specific goal and when you hit the goal, give yourself the reward you promised yourself, therefore creating pleasure. Alternatively, when you set your goal and don’t hit it, you don’t get the reward you promised yourself, therefore creating pain.

The only bad part is that sticking to this plan takes what? Self discipline and personal accountability. Are these traits important in life and in business? You bet! Have you ever heard of the disease called “excusitis”? It’s the inflammation of the excuse making gland and it’s fatal to sales professionals!

Remember this…if you want to make more money go to the mirror and negotiate with your boss. Your raise will become effective when you do!

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