A Recipe For Health

Despite having some of the best medical care in the world, Americans also have the worst health overall. We have more incidents of heart attack, stroke and cancer than other nations, including the industrialized countries of Europe. Most of this is preventable and due to our dietary intake. Not unexpected since we eat more sugar, salt, beef, pork, refined flour and non-nutritious fast foods than others, exercise less and consume huge portions.

The food industry, pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry thrive and depend on our ‘give it to me now, eat for pleasure’ society. We provide them a ready supply of customers for their products. Our quality of life is reduced because we take the easy way. With a little effort on our parts we could easily prevent and even reverse so many of the ailments that afflict us

I personally ignored the signs and had a wake up call when I developed diabetes and had a stroke. Since then I have had to change my eating habits to prevent another stroke. I’m one of the lucky ones who made it past two years. Many stroke sufferers don’t make it past the first year, often because they don’t change their bad habits. The stroke has left me disabled and it will take a long time of therapy and treatment to gain full use of my right arm and leg. In the meantime I have done a lot of research.

I have discovered a number of online books available for immediate download that offer natural cures for many ailments from cancer and diabetes cures to treating bad breath.. I have compiled a listing of many on my website to make it easy for others to find. Many explain how various foods are not only good for us, but can actually help our bodies heal and reverse disease. I used the information in several books to heal my diabetes – I don’t need any medications and my pancreas works like new. I can eat anything now, but I actually find the good foods make me feel better, give me more energy and taste better.

My dad will be cancer free soon. He has had four surgeries for his liver and prostate with doctors saying they expected yet another surgery because tests showed they didn’t get it all. His cancer has been in serious remission over the past six months and we expect a complete healing this year.

All of the information is based on studies, research and scientific evidence. Mainstream doctors are so inundated by pharmaceutical companies and often have so little time to keep up on all the latest findings that they aren’t aware of alternate treatments or refuse to consider them in favor of drugs and drug company kickbacks. I have friends in the industry who tell some disturbing tales, but those are for other discussions.

You can decide for yourself. Order a book and read it. If it is not for you simply contact the billing company and get a refund. Most books I have listed guarantee a 60 day money back refund no questions asked. The description for each book will give you more details. I am still researching stroke cures and aids. If I find information that works I will be sure to include those books or write my own if necessary.

Jeff Keto – http://ThingsYouWantToKnow.com Check out the author’s new FREE e-book of how he cured diabetes, normalized blood pressure and raised good cholesterol while reducing LDL.

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